Guide Books and Maps

Guide Book

We used (and carried) two different German guide books for France and Spain with us:

Both guides contain a lot of detailed, but well-structured information which supports travelling on your own very much. Recommendations on accomodation, restaurants and bars come with sightseeing tips and general information on an area, village or town. The number of maps is just right and the occasional photos turn the reader's attention to possible highlights of a trip.

The Catalonian guide devotes 100 pages to Barcelona which was the suitable size for our three-days-sightseeing tour there.

When writing this page, I stumbled over the discussion panels owned by the Michael Müller Verlag. They may be helpful for German speakers to find accomodation, travelling hints or answers to any other question.


As our trip was more than one thousand kilometers long and took us from one country to another, we needed at least two different maps - and avoided the third map by planning our route along the two maps. Now you know why we cycled where we cycled. ;-) We can recommend both maps.

In France we used Midi-Pyrenees from Michelin (Regional Map 526) with a resolution of 1/200,000.

For Spain, our choice was Costa Brava from Reise Know-How Verlag. It's resolution is 1:75,000 and detailed a height profile is shown as well as a GPS grid. Like the Michelin map, roads are coloured according to their traffic class. Unlike the Michelin map, it contains an index of towns.