Sleeping, Eating and Drinking

Avez-vous une chambre double libre pour demain soir? Pouvez-vous nous servir un repas le soir? These two sentences helped us a lot to find a bed for the night and something to eat.

While in France, we always stayed at chambre or table d'hôtes. All of them were outside the cities in peaceful and relaxing environments. Sometimes we were lucky and they offered dinner such that we enjoyed very good meals with three or more courses including local wine at a very reasonable price.

In Spain, we usually had to take accommodation in hotels, because we discovered only on our second last day the possibility of private accommodation in the countryside. This type of lodging is called in Spain agroturismo and it is very similar to an agriturismo in Italy. Please refer to the address list for more details.



We liked the table d'hôtes Brignac in Brignac most. The owner was very kind and welcomed us in the patio with a glass of wine and a nice conversation about all the world and his brother (in English). The rooms were recently luxuriously-renovated by keeping their ancient style and were kind of a dream for exhausted cyclists. The dream was completed by the little swimming pool behind the house. :-) But cycling to the restaurant in the neighbouring village for dinner brought us back to earth.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona has plenty of hotels as it is probably Spain's most popular city for travellers (tourists and business men). Hotel rooms are as expensive as in any other huge city. You will find fairly cheap accommodation (double room for about 50 Euro), but it will be as charming and calm as a youth hostel...