Geocoding and GPS Files

This Google Maps enabled page allows you to

Search an Address and Display its GPS Coordinates

Type in the address in the address field below and click the go button. The map will then be positioned based on the given address and a fairly high zoom level applied. The GPS coordinates of the address will be appended to the coordinate list field.

Addresses need not follow a specific format as explained by Google here. Abbreviations or even famous sights may be used to specify a location, for example

  • Landgrabenweg 151, 53129 Bonn, Deutschland
  • Louvre, Paris
  • St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • CH, i.e. ISO country codes as defined here
Geocoding is not available for Great Britain due to license restrictions. Street level geocoding is currently available only for Andorra, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan (but only in Japanese), Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the US, but Google is working on the extension to further countries.

Plan Your Own Route

Just click on the map to add a new point to the coordinate list (WGS84 latitude/longitude format). The markers on the map are not linked to their corresponding entries in the coordinate list field. This allows you to clear the map if you get confused by the already set markers and lines or to delete individual entries from the coordinate list. You create the GPX file by pressing the button Convert to GPX file,

Currently you cannot save the GPX file directly via the "Save page as" button of your browser (the browser would save this page rather than the GPX file...). To save the GPX file, you have to view the page source of the window (press the right mouse button while hoovering over the window content) and then save the page source. Alternatively you can also copy the window content (usually Ctrl-x) and paste it into your preferred editor. I would be grateful if anybody tells me how to fix this issue...

Travel the World

Actually it is quite fun to view satellite images of the world. You can travel by dragging the map, i. e. holding the right mouse button down while moving the mouse. The Empire State Building in New York is as impressing as the coast of Alaska. Don't forget to zoom into the map!