Accessing this Web Site


All pages use standard web technology. The javascript code was tested with Firefox 1.5 (free web browser for Linux and Windows). Limited testing was performed with Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 9.10.

Javascript Support

Javascript must be enabled to view the interactive maps (Google Maps is entirely based on javascript).

Internet connection

When developing the pages, I kept in mind that some people (like my father :-) still use modems to access the internet and therefore avoided to use large images on the main pages. However, when I included the Google Maps stuff, page sizes grew considerably. If you are concerned about download rates, deactivate javascript with the pitfall of missing all (interactive) maps!


Some German friends were slightly irritated that these pages are in English. The reason for this is that much more cycle tourist are capable of English than of German and I'd like to spread the information widely.

To all German speakers: Sollte es für Sie zu mühsam sein, die Seiten in Englisch zu lesen, schreiben Sie mir bitte einfach eine email an, um z. B. ein Telefonat zu vereinbaren.