Sights & Highlights

Highlights of the trip were


Guided, free-of-charge tours are offered for the temples and various museums on certain days. Please ask the tourist information in Valletta or at the airport for the exact times (they are said to change quite often). We recommend to visit the sights as part of a guided tour as the information tables will tell you only a fraction of the interesting information.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to visit the Hypogeum, as it was booked out for the next three weeks. The Hypogeum is a subterranean labyrinthine complex that was hewn out of the limestone about 2500 years ago. You can apply for a ticket at the Archeology Museum in Valletta or at the Hypogeum itself.

Hiking and Countryside

Snorkeling and Bathing

The cycling routes were altogether unspectacular, at least I do not rememeber anything extraordinary when writing this text.

The following map gives an overview of the sights with their geographic location. If you click on the hyperlinks in the sidebar, you will get more information on the day trip including an elevation profile see a photo with a short description.