Guide Books and Maps

Guide Book

We used the German guide book Malta, Gozo & Comino which is published in the Michael Müller Verlag.

The first section introduces the reader to Malta and its people. General and helpful information concerning travelling to and on Malta is given. The second part of the book describes the different parts of the three islands with the main sights and a couple of hiking recommendations.

I liked especially the detailed maps of Valletta, St. Paul's Bay and our hiking trip from Hagar Qim to the Dingli Cliffs. With this guide book, it is impossible to get lost. :-) All main sights are described with just the right amount of details. Last but not least, the book guided us to some very nice spots off the beaten track, for example to the magnificent Mgarr ix-Xini Bay on Gozo.


The map Malta - Gozo from Kompass did a good job. The resolution is 1:25,000 which is fine for hiking (and cycling).

Roads are coloured according to their traffic class such that one shall not accidently end up on a very busy road. The map also states some height information and shows the bus routes.